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Grace Notes Music Vocal Jazz Festival

Some preliminary information:
Project Summary
We are preparing to present a Vocal Jazz Festival in Upstate New York.
Some of the performers will include (schedules permitting): N.E.A. Jazz Master: Sheila Jordan,
Grammy winner: Kurt Elling, Grammy Nominee: Roseanna Vitro and other distinguished Jazz Vocalists including Grace Testani, and young, local talent.

  • We will do a Concert with all the vocalists at a local facility.
  • Additionally we plan to do performances in various venues in the area where each individual Artist will shine.
  • We are offering 3 Master Class educational workshops.
  • Plus we will offer a seminar/panel discussion where the community will have the opportunity to meet the artists. Hear about their experiences and antidotes as Jazz artists and standard bearers of the Jazz tradition, plus answer questions from the audience. This will be open to all. 
  • And some other surprise Jazz events.
We are working with the local Government, businesses, art organizations and SUNY to ensure a successful event.
Brief background information
Grace Notes Music is a recording, performance and education center dedicated to promoting JAZZ with an emphasis on VOCALISTS. The unique synergy between the Recording Label, Performance Company, and Educational Center allows Grace Notes to offer creative musical expression and enjoyment both live and Online. Grace Notes has gone from a “one woman show” to a team of professional musicians and business associates, working together to create a place where singers can be nurtured and encouraged to follow their dream.  The educational wing of Grace Notes, the Singers Center offers a unique, supportive, and lively environment where singers sharpen their skills while learning from active professionals in the music industry, get career coaching, share experiences and resources, learn about the business of music, and work with instrumentalists. Jazz Times magazine featured The Singers Center in an article on the “Best Jazz Music Schools in the country”, our director is quoted in the article.
Grace Notes Enterprises (aka Grace Notes Music) has been in business for more than 30 years.
Mission Statement (PDF) Grace Notes Music is dedicated to preserving and sharing the great American art form Jazz and Vocal Jazz in particular.  Grace Notes Music is also dedicated to passing on the Jazz tradition.
One unique way is that Grace Notes Music is beginning to support our Elder musicians by using Interactive, Collaborative Technology to bring audiences and students to them rather than having them travel all over the world in their Senior years. They have so much knowledge, experience, and antidotes to share with the next generations and audiences. However, it is taking an enormous toll on these Masters to have to travel internationally to keep the only truly American music-Jazz and the Jazz tradition alive. Grace Notes Music intends to continue to bring them to the world virtually.
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Why Upstate NY?
Endicott Home of the Square Deal arches
The Triple Cities of Broome County have been financially devastated by several concurrent events: IBM moving out (IBM started in Endicott), the economic downturn, and two devastating storms that flooded the area. This region is culturally under-served and economically struggling.

Our primary objective is to bring a high quality, fun, entertaining, and educational Jazz experience to the Triple cities and surrounding areas of New York in a variety of local venues. Students and other attendees will have an opportunity to learn about Jazz, the Jazz tradition and the music business from the best.
Ms. Sheila Jordan is an N.E.A. Jazz Master, which is the highest honor our country gives to Jazz artists. Plus the music industry’s designated best - Grammy award winners and nominees and others who have established successful performing and university level teaching careers.
Our other objective is to use the first objective to bring an economic infusion into the Triple cities and help create a desire to continue to build a culturally thriving environment for its citizens.
Key Benefits
We expect to bring over 3,000 former residents back for this Festival as well as and neighboring cities to help boost local businesses and their economy while cultivating a cultural revival.

What is the service to the public? 
The constituency will be residents of Broome county as well as surrounding areas.
We intend to video and audio tape the events to re-broadcast them over the INTERNET. The reach will be global.
We are working with the local government to involve businesses in the events. We are also working with SUNY Binghamton to involve their students, faculty and use their facilities. We will be involving other cultural organizations in the area as well to participate and promote.

Marketing will be done traditionally and primarily thru social media and other digital means. We are already involving local residents in this activity. 
We hope to pay them if our fundraising efforts are successful. Now they are eager to help Pro-bono because they see the value of our project for their area.
Our projected budget amount is: $200,500

Special Thanks to Our Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Music and artists have always had patrons who recognize the importance of art in our lives. 
They understand that the arts need support beyond the sale of tickets or tuition.
Your support is appreciated.   Please support our projects!
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